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This flexible family support service provides respite care to the individual’s primary caregiver.  Services include assisting with routine activities of daily living, increasing independence, increasing social and community awareness, providing opportunities for recreational and social activities, and many others.
We promote the value of work, assist with job development skills and maintenance, support those interested in self-employment, and provide job coaching and on-the-job training for individuals working in the community. The objective of this service is to provide supports resulting in employment in the community to increase the individual’s independence, self-reliance, social connections, and career growth. Services are driven by the individual’s employment goals and are available 24/7.

Community Integrated Employment Services

Our Mission
Services for Adults

Customized Community Supports


Services are driven by the individual’s goals and are provided by a natural or host family member in their home or in the individual’s home, and are available 24/7. Supports promote an increase in independence, community inclusion, the establishment of meaningful relationships in the community, among many others.

Adult Nursing Services

Family Living

  • Community Integrated Employment Services

  • Customized Community Supports

  • Customized In-Home Supports

  • Environmental Modification Services

  • Independent Living Transition Services 

  • Living Supports – Family Living, Supported Living, Intensive Medical Living 

  • Non-Medical Transportation Services

  • Adult Nursing Services – Nursing Assessment and Consultation (LPN and RN) 

  • Personal Support Technology 

  • Respite Services 

We provide frequent opportunities for an individual to develop and strengthen meaningful roles in their community with non-disabled community members. Services are provided in the individual’s local community to support their independence, establishment or strengthening of interpersonal relationships, and participation in social networks and typical community life. Services are driven by the individual’s goals.
Our programs are constantly evolving to meet the needs and goals of the individuals we serve. Our organization is a vital link between adults with disabilities and the State of New Mexico Department of Health Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DOH DDSD). Call our friendly staff at 575-762-3718 for more information.

Core services funded and monitored by the DOH DDSD and offered through ENMRSH, Inc. are listed below:

Supported Living

Respite Services

ENMRSH, Inc. is a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive programs and services that support the challenges and continually evolving goals of families and clients facing developmental delays and intellectual and physical disabilities by promoting self-sufficiency, community inclusion, positive experiences, and individual growth throughout all stages of life.
Our licensed nurses provide assessment and consultation services through initial and annual comprehensive assessments, and focused nursing supports based on the needs identified in the assessments. These services include healthcare planning and coordination, aspiration risk management, medication oversight, medication administration, among others.
We provide assistance with activities of daily living, health supports, and residential instruction. Supports promote and increase independence, community inclusion, the establishment of meaningful relationships in the community, among many others. Services also support the individual’s goals and are provided 24/7.