Home Visiting Program 

Who we serve:

Children birth thru 5 years of age who are in state custody.

We provide trauma and developmentally informed assessments and treatment. An array of therapeutic and developmental services are designed to support chronic behavioral, social and emotional disorders and disruptions in the relationship between a child and the primary caregiver. Call our friendly staff at 575-742-9032 for more information.​

ENMRSH, Inc. is a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive programs and services that support the challenges and continually evolving goals of families and clients facing developmental delays and intellectual and physical disabilities by promoting self-sufficiency, community inclusion, positive experiences, and individual growth throughout all stages of life.
Services for Children

Who we serve:

Children birth thru 3 years of age, with or without a developmental concern.

Do you want to see if your child is on track developmentally?
Do you have a child who has or is at risk for a developmental delay?

Call us to schedule a FREE developmental screening! Our experienced developmental specialists and therapists work with parents and families to help promote developmental progress. Call our friendly staff at 575-742-9032 for more information.

EFMP Respite Care for Air Force Families 

Early Childhood Services
ENMRSH, Inc. offers multiple types of services for children, see details below. All services are family-driven, confidential, and FREE! We also have friendly bilingual staff available to work with Spanish-speaking families.

Infant Mental Health & Parent Infant Psychotherapy

Early Childhood Services (FIT Program) 

Who we serve:

Children birth thru 18 years of age who have a current IFSP or an IEP

This is a flexible support service that provides short term care to children, allowing families to take a break from the daily routine of caregiving.​ Call our friendly staff at 575-742-9032 for more information.​


Our Mission

Who we serve:

Parents and caregivers with children birth thru 3 years of age, and expectant mothers.

We work with the child and family and provide educational services, child development guidance and local community resource information. Our mission is to promote child development and confident parenting by supporting the relationship among the family, home visitor, and the community. All services are free to families. Call our friendly staff at 575-742-9032 for more information.

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Who we serve:

Air Force families with children birth thru 18 years of age with moderate or severe special needs (Exceptional Family Member). EFM sibling care is also available for children birth thru 12 years of age.

We provide up to 40 hours of free respite care per month (per EFM) for Air Force families. The families have the opportunity to meet our respite care providers to find a great fit for their family before services begin. To apply for this great program, call Child Care Aware toll-free at 1-800-424-2246 or see CAFB’s EFMP Coordinator.
(575) 762-3718